Many people decide for themselves that because of the sheer monumental scale of the Bishop Castle that there must be a wealthy benefactor behind the whole thing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! From the beginning of it’s construction until very recently with the advent of the gift shop, the Bishop Castle has relied entirely on the donations of it’s visitors. Until 1984, the family even had to declare this as personal income to the IRS! When Phoebe Bishop acquired the non-profit 501(c)3 status in 1984 after eight years of paperwork, the Bishop Castle was enabled to accept tax-deductible donations as charity.

All of that cement, sand, & steel has to be bought and paid for before it can be built with!

We have expanded our fund raising methods to include mailed donations, (tax-deductible receipts are available), the castle’s gift shop, the stained glass windows, and holding non-commercial events on the property such as weddings and school outings. A percentage of all donations to the Bishop Castle goes to the Charity for New-Born Heart Surgery that Jim and Phoebe Bishop founded around the castle to help local families without medical insurance.


Thank you for your Donation